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    Company culture

    Fighting culture: A thousand-wrap journey begins with one step. If you are ambitious, things are done.

    The fighting spirit refers to the quality of will driven by people's desperate struggle and full struggle under the drive of certain ideals and beliefs. Fighting is not a whim, not an empty slogan. Fighting is long-term and requires perseverance to maintain.

    Pragmatic culture: reject falsehood and reject fantasy.

    Pragmatism means not talking empty words, not talking eloquently, being good at hands-on, good at putting into practice, pursuing reality, and speaking with ability. Dare to pursue ideals rather than fantasy.

    Innovation culture: either innovation or elimination.

    Innovation is a unique cognitive ability and practical ability of human beings, a high-level manifestation of human subjective initiative, and an inexhaustible driving force for national progress and social development.

    Honesty culture: Be honest and honest, and be faithful in life.

    Honesty is an ethical category, and the second "identity card" of citizens is a collective term for the honesty of daily conduct and the credibility of formal exchanges. That is to treat people with sincerity, honesty, credibility, words must be done, results must be achieved, a word can be won, a promise is worth a thousand dollars.

    Unity culture: sincere in unity, inspirational in words and deeds. unity is strength.

    There is no perfect individual, only perfect team. Because no individual is perfect, only the overall combination can exert the power of the team.

    Enterprising culture: sailing against the current, retreating if not advancing. Progress is also new.

    Enterprising is an invaluable spiritual quality. Only by making constant progress will it not be forgotten by the changing society. With hope in your heart, you will keep making progress, and only continuous improvement will bring about continuous innovation.

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